Working Remotely While Traveling

The internet age has opened up many opportunities that were not available before. One of these opportunities is being able to work remotely while traveling.

Before the internet, working while traveling meant getting bar work or teaching English as a foreign language in a local school. Now, there are so many jobs you can do directly from your laptop while being based anywhere in the world. If you want to travel but do not have enough savings to explore the world for a few months or years, working remotely is the answer.

However, do not start traveling before you have secured reliable remote work. It can take time to find a remote job that is willing to employ a transient individual, so you need to focus on getting regular work before you begin your travels. The last thing you want is to find you ran out of money two months into your journey because the remote work has dried up. To get a better idea of the remote work you can do while traveling, continue reading the sections below.

Advice for Working Remotely While Traveling

There are plenty of things you need to think about before traveling and working remotely. The most important factor is making sure you have internet access. If you arrive in a country where internet reception is poor, you may find yourself without a connection, which means you will not be able to work. If you have regular work for a specific client or company, you do not want to find you cannot deliver the work you promised due to internet problems. You will also need to make sure your billing for internet use is done online, and that the payments you receive from clients are paid digitally. Other factors to think about when traveling and working remotely include:

  • Do not travel every day.

If you have regular work that needs to be completed by specified deadlines, you should consider staying put for a few weeks. That way, you will be able to get into a work routine a lot easier and gain a balance between work and sightseeing. Moving about every other day can be disruptive to your work and you may not be able to settle down long enough to get any real work done. In addition, trying to work on buses and trains can be hugely distracting and internet connections can often be unreliable in transit.

  • Purchase adaptors before you arrive in a new country.

Different countries have different adaptors, so be prepared with the correct adaptor in order to ensure that you can charge all of your work equipment. The last thing you want is to find you cannot work because you do not have enough battery life on your laptop and you cannot buy an adaptor locally.

  • Ensure your accommodations have internet access.

You need to find lodgings that have Wi-Fi, or lodgings with internet connections nearby, such as a local coffee shop, or else you will be unable to do any of your work.

  • Think carefully about where you stay.

Not only do you need an internet connection, you also need to work in a suitable environment. Having your own space can be crucial to being able to focus on your work. If you are staying in a shared room in a hostel, it may be very difficult to concentrate for extended periods of time.

What types of jobs can you do remotely while traveling?

Any job that can be done online is a remote job. These jobs can be done from any place in the world, so there are a wide variety of jobs available for those looking to travel. Some jobs, such as website developers, require special skills, but there are others, like data entry, that require no previous experience. Therefore, think carefully about the types of jobs you are able to do. Here are some of the most popular remote jobs you can do when traveling:

  • Virtual travel assistantMany people want to take the hassle out of traveling and choose to employ virtual travel assistants. As an online travel assistant, you could be responsible for booking flights, finding accommodation, arranging transport, planning sightseeing trips and helping with visas and insurance issues.
  • Teaching English online – If you have a Bachelor’s degree, a good laptop with a webcam as well as a headset, you could teach English as a foreign language to students online. Many virtual teaching jobs involve educating children, so the job can often be great fun to do. You can also schedule your students in a flexible manner to suit your needs.
  • Programming – You will need a few years of experience before you can do this job, but if you are an experienced programmer, you should be able to get plenty of well-paying work that can be done remotely while traveling. The more knowledge you have of different programming skills and languages, the more work you will be able to secure.
  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing works by a company paying you for helping direct customers to their site with links on your own blogs. Many companies have affiliate programs you can register with if you have a blog that generates a lot of internet traffic. Some companies pay you a percentage of their sales, while others pay on leads. Some even offer a fixed rate to have their links placed on your site. Keep in mind that some affiliate programs pay much better than others, so be sure to research the topic thoroughly before you invest your time.

Remotely Working for Companies While Traveling

You may find some companies you can work for regularly for the jobs listed above, but most of the jobs listed will be freelance, which means you have to build your career yourself. That is why it is important to spend time building your client list and getting regular work before you travel. However, there are also plenty of companies that have positions for remote workers. By working directly for a specific company, you can obtain a steady salary, making this the best option if you want regular work while you travel. Here are some careers that may be able to provide you with the most consistent work:

  • Write for a travel blog. Well-known travel blogs often hire writers. If you are an experienced writer with excellent command of the English language, you could get paid to write about your travels.
  • Global financial businesses. Many large financial businesses employ remote workers. The greatest benefit of working for such large companies is that they often offer things like worldwide health coverage, insurance and a salary position.
  • Client services. Many big businesses employ a variety of remote staff to work in client services. Common remote positions include: account representatives, client managers, customer care agents and client service representatives. These jobs are both flexible and consistent, so as long as you have a set work schedule as you travel, these jobs will accommodate your adventures perfectly.

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