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There are many benefits to working from home, and that is becoming more apparent to many people looking for a better work-life balance. In the past, most remote workers were mothers or expectant mothers.

While they still may be the largest percentage of remote workers, more and more people are deciding to work from home. This is partially because there has been an increase in technology that was previously only accessible in offices. As a result, many aspects of current jobs do not actually require people to physically be present anymore. This advancement in technology is allowing anyone with a reliable internet connection to be successful at remote work. Thus, both employers and employees are choosing this flexible approach.

There are many free work-from-home resources that you can use for your benefit. Between courses, books, guides and tools, you have all you need to increase productivity from home. You will find that many work-from-home resources cater to you, whether you are a freelancer or are thinking about starting a new remote career.

If you are interested in learning how to balance working from home with a full-time job, finding great work from home jobs, learning how to freelance successfully, which resources to utilize, and tax deductions and preparation tips, refer to the sections below.

Balancing Working From Home With a Full-Time Job

Working from home can present challenges, even if you are organized. It can be difficult to manage your career and household in the same space successfully. If you are raising a family, the task is even harder.

Make sure that when you are working from home, you are getting dressed as you would if you were going to work. Your normal routine should include changing out of pajamas into work-appropriate attire to increase productivity levels. You do not have to dress in a suit or heels, but wearing pajamas can actually impede your productivity. Dressing in clothing that you would wear outside of the house helps you change your mindset. You want to make sure you are treating your home like a workplace.

You should also know when to stop working. While being connected and easily reached is a strong trait for work, you should know how to turn off work when the day is over. Establish working hours for yourself, stick to them and take them seriously.

Finally, when working from home, you need to establish a working space that is just for your job. This will create a more productive environment for your work to take place.

Finding Great Work-From-Home Jobs

While there are many job sites that list positions in offices, there are also sites directed toward working from home. Often, these positions are on the same websites as the other jobs.

You can find hundreds of job postings on job boards added daily. However, while there are many postings available, some are not legitimate. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate the site effectively using search engines. Some search engines will pick out the scam-like listings from the legitimate ones.

When looking for positions, the best way to narrow your search to remote listings is to use keywords like “telecommute,” “work remotely” or “work from home”. It is important to use phrases like these to bring better search results.

A more personal way to find work is through your social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all ideal when looking for work-from-home job leads. Through Twitter, some companies tweet out positions that need to be filled. LinkedIn also has a great number of job listings that you can access simply by navigating the site. Facebook will suggest job opportunities to you depending on the pages you have liked.

Learning How to Freelance Successfully

If you are interested in learning how to freelance successfully, there are a few things you should do. It is a good idea to identify and connect with freelancers in your field. There are so many projects that can be done on your own, but when you have the opportunity for bigger projects, consult with a partner.

Another way to ensure that you are the best freelancer that you can be is by taking time to find out what your strengths are. You should take the time to analyze your field and see how you can contribute differently. Ask yourself what makes you stand out and what makes you valuable.

Before deciding to become a freelancer, make sure that your finances are in order. You want to also make sure that you can afford to be a freelancer. Consider your debts and obligations. Saving money before you make that commitment is the best way to ensure that you remain financially stable.

Which Resources to Utilize

As stated above, you need to know which sites and top resources are out there to make working from home a lot easier. Sites like AngelList, for example, allow you to work for startups. Since there are so many startups, it is a great source for remote workers. Keep in mind that not all startups are remote friendly, but you will surely find a handful on this site.

If you are a blogger using WordPress, consider Genesis, as it is a framework specifically designed for websites and blogs using WordPress. You can think of this tool as the walls of your blog, giving it structure and design.

Tax Deductions and Preparation Tips

As an employee that works from home, you should be considering taxes to pay and deductions you may be eligible for. If you are working from home as a convenience to your employer, it is important for you to consider a home office deduction, especially if your office space is used regularly for business.

Make sure that you are also keeping track of mileage and travel expenses if you are using your own vehicle for business traveling. Even if you are self-employed or an independent contractor, you are still eligible for many of the deductions granted to those with an employer. You should also keep records of receipts in case you need proof of payment should any questions about deductions arise.

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