How to Get Promoted or Move Ahead as a Remote Worker

Trying to get promoted or asking for a promotion can seem taboo to various professionals in traditional office settings. In the case of remote workers, it can be even harder to get your point across to your boss.

That is because, as a remote worker, your daily tasks are not often seen by your employer. Therefore, you may not be considered for a promotion in the same way that in-office employees would. Fortunately, there are ways to get your point across, get promoted and earn a salary raise. For more information on how to get promoted as a remote worker, refer to the sections below.

Build a Network

It is important to build a network when trying to prove how valuable you are to your employer and develop your career. Only through a strong network will your boss and coworkers think of you when a great new opportunity arises. Therefore, you must make sure that you are constantly developing relationships with the people at your company, no matter the size of the team or how widespread you all are in regards to location. Moreover, when developing your network, be certain to learn everyone’s strong qualities and what they bring to the company. Once you know this information, you can find ways to help them with an issue, praise them for achieving a goal or establish a connection based on mutual responsibilities.

For example, when coworkers do an amazing job, save a project or go above and beyond, make sure that they know that they are appreciated. This acclaim can earn their trust and result in them returning the favor when you do something worthy of praise. More often than not, people will not forget the praise that they receive, particularly if they receive it in front of their boss.

Another approach when building a network has to do with finding a mentor. A mentor can offer you feedback that is necessary to get better at your job. Even in the case of remote workers, having a mentorship relationship is still possible. However, in order for this relationship to be beneficial, you have to act on the advice given to you by your mentor. When choosing a mentor, be sure to connect with someone you respect and admire. Additionally, this must be a person who can give constructive criticism and advice. Furthermore, be certain to pick a mentor who understands your shortcomings as well.

One of the most significant consequences of having a mentor is that he or she can introduce you to other individuals within the company and throughout your industry. Ideally, your mentor should be someone with the skills you want to learn and master.

Learn New Skills

Having a manager who is concerned with your growth in the company is always beneficial. However, your professional development is ultimately your own responsibility. Therefore, if you are offered the opportunity to attend internal workshops and seminars, you must take advantage of them. Moreover, it is important to stay up to date with new guidelines and developments, which is something that will set you apart from your coworkers.

When you work from home, you do not have to commute every day. Therefore, devoting that extra time to undergo some form of valuable training can help you stand out in comparison to your peers. There are numerous online platforms that allow you to advance your skills and make yourself a better professional. For instance, popular learning platforms include edX, and Coursera.

After you have learned new skills, you can search for avenues within your company where those newly-acquired abilities can be applied. Then, you must examine how you can handle more responsibilities and ask your boss for the opportunity to take on more work. As a general rule, asking for more duties will heighten your value with your employers.

If you find that there are no new opportunities that interest you in your department, you may volunteer with other teams. As a remote worker, this can be tricky, because you do not work in an office setting. However, you may ask your boss if there are any companywide projects that require teams to crossover. In the event that there are not, think about developing other strategies to advance your career. These can include examining how your skills can be better utilized by the company.

Ask for What You Want

Another strategy to get promoted is to actively ask for what you want. However, this request must be done at the appropriate time. Additionally, because you work from home, it can be more challenging to initiate this discussion. With all of those factors in mind, it is up to you to be more proactive.

One method through which you can ask for a promotion is to contact your manager via email in order to set up a time for a talk. This conversation can be scheduled to take place over the phone or through video chat. After you have made appropriate plans with your employer or supervisor for this conversation to happen, you must identify all of the things you wish to say and ask for. Therefore, you have to be specific in your conversation. For instance, if you are asking for a raise, be certain to know the exact dollar amount you think you should receive. Conversely, if you are looking for a promotion, you must ask for duties that you are ready to take on.

If you were in an office setting, you could have assembled a formal pitch or a small presentation detailing everything you have accomplished and why you are deserving of a raise or promotion. However, since you are working virtually, it is best to keep your pitch simple. Therefore, you must have a short, updated resume to send over in case your supervisors ask for it. In addition, a “brag sheet” is a good document to have on hand, detailing what you have achieved during your previous projects.

As a remote worker, you have a lot of independence. However, that should not deter you from proving your worth to your employers. As a general rule, make sure that you are networking, reaching out for a mentor, building your skills and asking for what you want. All of these elements can ensure that you will receive the recognition you are looking for.

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