Ridesharing as a Part-Time Job

Ridesharing as a part-time job can be a beneficial way to supplement your income. If you have flexibility in your schedule and a reliable vehicle, you can transition into ridesharing with a few simple steps.

You will need to meet the necessary regulations in place with the company of your choosing before you can begin driving ridesharing customers. Once you have determined that you meet the required qualifications, you can complete the sign-up process to become a ridesharing driver part-time.

There are numerous benefits to part-time ridesharing, including control over your own schedule and working as often as you want. You will need to research the most productive times to offer services in your area, as you will make the most money during peak hours. Use the information below to get a good idea of the benefits and drawbacks of ridesharing part-time to help you determine if this is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Ridesharing Part-Time

Ridesharing is a unique employment opportunity for individuals who want to make extra money in their spare time. Whether you have a full-time job and wish to supplement your income, or you are looking for something to do as a senior after retirement, becoming a driver with a ridesharing company can offer a variety of benefits. One of the primary appeals of becoming a driver for a ridesharing company is the flexibility you will have in creating your schedule. While you will need to consider the peak hours of operation in your area to maximize your profit, you will still be able to design a schedule that works best for you, even if you are a college student looking to earn some extra cash for school. You can choose to work on Friday and Saturday evenings if you live close to a major city, as many individuals seek transportation to and from events and outings. All you will need to do is work for a few hours each weekend to make a considerable profit.

You can choose to work as many hours as you would like when you are driving for a ridesharing job. If you want to work 10 hours or less per week, you can create a schedule around driving, as one of the best part-time jobs around. If you want to work 40 hours per week, you have the ability to do so, as you are directly in charge of your own schedule. Additionally, you can decide which areas you want to service, and in which areas you would prefer to steer clear. If you do not mind driving in a city setting, you can choose to offer services to individuals who need rides to and from the airport. For those who prefer to work in the suburbs, you can choose routes through less-populated areas. There are additional benefits of ridesharing as a part-time job. These include that:

  • The process is easier than the process of becoming a taxi driver, meaning you can transition into a ridesharing process quicker than you would if you were trying to drive a taxi part-time. You will need to meet the necessary qualifications to become a verified driver for a ridesharing company, but you do not need a commercial driving license to be considered eligible for the role. Additionally, you do not need to find a company who is hiring drivers currently to apply to start as a ridesharing driver. You effectively eliminate the lengthy hiring process when choosing to begin a ridesharing job over applying for a taxi driver position.
  • Cashless transactions make it easier to keep track of your profits, and provide a safer environment when you are on the road. Your customers will pay for your services via phone application, making the transaction more convenient for you, and for your customer. He or she can choose to tip you on the phone application, as well, so you will receive your profits in one transaction, instead of several.
  • Dispatching is easy to understand, as you will receive all the information you need – directly on your phone – before heading to pick up a customer. The company you work for will send you a message detailing the address and location of the individual you are picking up, as well as the description of the fare you will receive for accepting the dispatch. You can determine if the customer is too far away or if you can make it there easily by the requested time without having to communicate with a dispatcher.

Drawbacks of Ridesharing as a Part-Time Job

While there are many benefits to ridesharing as a part-time job, there are some drawbacks to the position as well. If you have a full-time job within regular business hours, you may miss the most profitable opportunities, because you will need to be at work during the times when other people need rides. Weekday rush hour is one of the most profitable periods during the week, as many people do not want to drive themselves to work, and do not want to take public transport, either. Additionally, if you are not able to keep your schedule open on weekend evenings, you will miss further profits in this area, as well. To ensure you are making the most during your time ridesharing, you will need to be accessible during peak hours to eventually turn a profit. (However, if you work multiple part-time jobs with scheduling flexibility, you might be able to make the most out of a part-time ridesharing gig.)

Another drawback of ridesharing part-time is dealing with difficult or intoxicated customers if you choose to operate on the weekends. You are using your personal vehicle as a ridesharing driver, meaning you will be responsible for cleaning your vehicle, should an accident occur. The maintenance of your vehicle is a drawback you will need to consider, as you will solely be responsible for paying for any work that may need to be done. Whether you need to vacuum your car or have parts replaced, you will not receive assistance from a ridesharing company to pay for these expenses. However, if there is a formal complaint filed for damage done to your vehicle by a passenger, he or she may incur extra charges to help correct the damage done. And, if you do not have a vehicle, there are incentives offered to you to use a company-provided vehicle to get your start in the ridesharing industry. Also, keep in mind, the amount you pay for gas will also come for your pocket, which is something you may want to consider if you are not going to make a consistent amount each week from ridesharing.

How to Start Ridesharing Part-Time

Once you have decided to start ridesharing as a part-time job you will need to complete the application process, and receive verification before you can pick up your first customer. To apply for a ridesharing job, you will need to:

  • Determine the company/companies for which you want to work.
  • Fill out an application, including contact information and driving experience.
  • Submit to a background check by providing your Social Security Number and driver license number.
  • Complete a vehicle inspection and a company approval check.
  • Complete a virtual training course.
  • Attach bank account information to your profile to begin receiving direct deposits.

Each ridesharing company will have its own regulations you will need to follow to be considered eligible to apply and to maintain your status as a driver, once receiving approval. You will need to ensure you are receiving positive reviews from customers to continue offering services. The lower your ratings, the less likely the company will be to retain your services as a driver.

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