Part-Time Jobs

There are many reasons why you may wish to work a part-time job over a full-time job. If you have a very busy schedule, it may simply be too difficult to find a full-time job that accommodates your schedule.

Part-time jobs are also good if you need a limited amount of additional income. For seniors, a part-time job is a nice way to stay active in the workforce, while still having plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of retirement.

There are a lot of different part-time jobs available, which is helpful if you enjoy having options. In some situations, you may work multiple, part-time jobs, instead of a single, full-time job. A common misconception regarding part-time jobs is they will not pay enough to support your lifestyle. However, if you are willing to put forth the time and effort, part-time jobs can be very profitable.

Best Part-Time Job Options Today

What you consider to be the best part-time jobs largely depends on your lifestyle. If you are interested in a high-paying part-time job, the food industry is a good choice. Servers typically have an unimpressive hourly wage. However, you can make a lot of money in tips, especially if you are willing to work on the weekends. Similarly, a bartending part-time job is great for tips if you can work the later, more popular shifts. Both of these jobs have minimal requirements, and are often in high demand. If you are willing to commit to the job, you may even be promoted to a full-time employee, or even a managerial position. This is especially helpful for students who want reliable sources of income while they are attending school.

Cosmetology jobs are also some of the best part-time job options. These part-time jobs pay very well, although you do not have quite the same scheduling freedom as other part-time jobs. Part-time cosmetology jobs are particularly helpful if you want to pursue a cosmetology career. Working part-time is essentially an apprenticeship, giving you the opportunity to build up your skills and earn practical experience, while also making a profit.

Another great part-time job that builds experience is freelance programming or web design. Typically, these jobs have set deadlines, so as long as you can meet the deadlines, you set your own daily schedule. Most jobs will pay flat fees instead of hourly rates, so keep in mind you will not be paid until the project is complete.

Ridesharing as a Part-Time Job

As of writing, ridesharing has become one of the most popular part-time jobs. A large part of the popularity comes from the accessibility of ridesharing. As long as you have a car and free time, you can make money as a part-time driver. You do not have to worry about extensive interviews with a company, and you have a great deal of freedom to set your schedule. However, there are optimal hours for ridesharing. Ridesharing is fairly common at all times during the weekend, but on a weekday, there are not as many requests for drivers during daylight hours. However, during the evening, there will be many more customers requesting rides.

Something to look into before starting a ridesharing job is your insurance policy. Since ridesharing is still relatively new as a career, there are many gray areas regarding ridesharing insurance policies. However, insurance companies are starting to adapt and provide drivers with special policies – specifically for ridesharing.

Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

There are some physically demanding part-time jobs that are poor choices for seniors. However, seniors have many part-time job options, due to their experience. Many seniors step back from their full-time jobs but do part-time consulting work. Your overall experience and previous pay rates will dictate how much you make as a consultant, but it can be a very profitable job. Similarly, you can work as a tutor. If you have a background in accounting, you could work as a tax preparer. Tax preparers have limited work, since they are largely in demand during the tax season. However, if you work with a large business, you may be called on more often, effectively acting as a consultant. If you have previous experience managing documents, and are comfortable with technology, you could work as a bookkeeper or as a virtual assistant.

Part-Time Jobs for Students

Part-time jobs for students can help make a dent in student loans. For most students, scheduling is the biggest issue in finding a part-time job. Many students have schedules that vary from day to day, depending on their classes. In addition, students have to keep their schedules open, so they have time to study and work on school projects. Some students are also limited by distance, as not all colleges allow students to have cars on campus, especially in their early years. For most students, the ideal jobs are on campus. With these jobs, the school is the employer. As a result, these jobs have very flexible hours to accommodate the student body, and travel is not an issue. Some other ideal part-time student jobs include:

  • Babysitter.
  • Barista.
  • Cashier.
  • Line cook.
  • IT support.
  • Retail sales associate.
  • Social media assistant.
  • Tutor.

If at all possible, prioritize jobs similar to your major. This way, you can develop practical resume experience for after you graduate.

Working Multiple Part-Time Jobs

Some part-time jobs only provide minimal hours, even when compared to other part-time jobs. For example, some jobs only require you to work on weekends, leaving you with time to work an additional part-time job during the week. Working multiple part-time jobs is a good way to build up your resume. Not only are you gaining more experience, but you are showing future, potential employers you are a hard worker. In some situations, you may be able to earn a full-time income while working multiple part-time jobs.

If you are working multiple part-time jobs, being able to effectively manage your schedule is very important. Make sure your jobs do not overlap. If you work multiple jobs in the same day, be sure you are giving yourself enough time to properly rest between work. You will also have to factor in travel time for both jobs.

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