Learn About Programs to Help People With Disabilities Find Jobs

If you are a job seeker with disabilities and are looking for assistance in your search for employment, there are federal programs available to use as resources.

No matter how old you are or what you currently do, there are programs for each age bracket of individuals seeking to enter the workforce. These programs can assist you in finding a job based upon your interests to ensure you are finding opportunities in your desired career field.

There are programs available for people with disabilities on a state level as well if you wish to search for a job through a smaller program. You can select a program to help you in obtaining an apprenticeship, or you can pursue an opportunity to begin building your career in a selected field. Use the information in this article to learn about the resources available as you search for the right job opportunity.

About Job-Seeking Programs for Students With Disabilities

For college students with disabilities who are seeking employment opportunities, the Workforce Recruitment Program of the Department of Labor (DOL) can help you in the selection process. The Workforce Recruitment Program selects college students each winter to be matched with employers who are seeking help with a summer position or who are looking to hire a full-time employee after the student has completed college.

The program is in the process of expanding to provide assistance year-round to college students with disabilities. If you are completing a two-year program and are looking for a job opportunity to make money and gain experience over your school break, the Workforce Recruitment Program can help match you with employers who are looking for temporary workers.

If you are completing a master’s degree program and you are seeking full-time employment following graduation, this resource can help match you to the right employer after graduation.

If you are a high school student with disabilities who is graduating from a special education program, the Bridges to Work program can help you find entry-level employment opportunities in your area. However, you will still need to meet the qualifications necessary for your desired position. The Bridges to Work program can help you find opportunities you are qualified for in your desired career field. You can transition directly from high school into a full-time position if you choose to work with this program to seek employment.

About Federal and State Employment Programs for People With Disabilities

The federal government provides an employment program for people with disabilities who are looking for a wide range of available job positions. The program was designed to provide opportunities in numerous fields and to ensure you are being paid a competitive salary for the work you are completing.

The application and employment process for a federal position through this program is fast and efficient. You will be able to secure a federal role with great benefits and career advancement after completing the process outlined by the program. Additionally, you can choose to work with a Selective Placement Program Coordinator if you want direct assistance in your job search. The Program Coordinator works with an agency to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. For those who want a personal touch when finding a job, working with the Selective Placement Program Coordinator will provide you with this experience.

The Federal Employment of People with Disabilities Program also helps to match qualified candidates with federal employment positions. The goal of this program is to partner federal employers with candidates who have disabilities. If you wish to seek a job opportunity where you are matched to an employer based on your experience and credentials, the Federal Employment of People with Disabilities can assist you in this endeavor.

If you would like to take an apprenticeship to learn a useful skill that you can later turn into a career, there are programs available on the state level to assist you. The State Apprenticeship Information is available in all 50 states and provides services to people with disabilities. There are a wide variety of apprenticeships to choose from, and you can select an opportunity that best meets your personal interests. Upon completion of your apprenticeship, the State Apprenticeship Information program will help you to find a career with your newly acquired qualifications.

About Job Seeking Programs for Veterans with Disabilities

For veterans of the United States military with disabilities, the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program can help you to get acclimated as you re-enter civilian life. The program helps in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Developing your resume
  • Providing skills coaching to job seekers
  • Providing job training and preparation.
  • Ensuring on-site employment accommodations
  • Offering career path guidance

Whether you know what career field you want to enter or you need help researching the options, the Vocational Rehabilitation Employment program can aid you in your personal process. Using this resource is beneficial, as the program directors will assist you in each portion of the hiring process. Even if you simply need help polishing your resume, utilizing this program can help you to head in the right direction during your job search.

The Career Fitness and Mentoring Program offered through Bonds of Courage is an additional resource you can use when you are a veteran job seeker with disabilities. The Mentoring Program will help you to develop networking skills, as this is a viable tool for acquiring a job in a market you are unfamiliar with.

In addition to networking assistance, the program also provides interview preparation. If you have found a job and wish to spend time role-playing interview scenarios before meeting with a prospective employer, the interview preparation provided by Bonds of Courage can help you prepare properly. You can also work directly with the Career Fitness and Mentoring Program if you are having difficulty finding a job that relates to the skills you have gained through previous experience. Skill translation is a major component of the program, and you can learn new ways of integrating your existing skillset into your job search and beyond.

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