Best Free Online Career Education Resources

If you are looking for ways to advance your career, enrolling in an online career education program could prove useful.

Whether you need to expand your skillset to gain a promotion or you are hoping to transfer into a new field further down the line, online career education resources are available in a variety of areas. Many of these resources are available for free and can be taken at a self-guided pace. You can choose to complete your coursework on your lunch break or after you have returned home each evening.

There are numerous advantages to engaging in free online career education resources. You can choose to browse for specific courses or you can spend time researching general options to see what might interest you. In a short period of time, you can learn a new skill or a new language, and you can improve your job prospects considerably in the process.

Benefits of Using Free Online Career Education Resources

If you are trying to find a manageable way to gain certification in a desired area, there are numerous educational resources available to you online to help achieve this goal. Free online career education resources are also useful for individuals who are looking to gain a new skill without having to pay for a full college tuition. Many notable universities, such as Harvard and Dartmouth, will offer free courses through online resource centers for those who cannot afford to attend that particular university. You can choose courses in:

  • Math.
  • Literature.
  • History.
  • Philosophy.
  • Art.
  • Language.
  • Science.
  • Computer programing.

These courses are primarily designed for enrichment purposes, but the skills you gain through these lessons can become applicable to your current job position. For example, if there is a higher position in your company you wish to attain but do not have the right level of experience, enrolling in online education courses could give you the knowledge and training you need to help you land the position. Taking a class in certain computer software skills, for example, can present you with the skills and knowledge you need to receive a promotion within your company.

Additionally, taking free education courses online can help you to develop proficiency in a desired field you are not currently working in. For those of you who aspire to leave your existing field to pursue job ventures in another area, enrolling in these courses will allow you to gain the knowledge necessary to take the next step toward achieving your goals. If you work as an accountant but you wish to start your own graphic design business, you can spend time taking free graphic design classes online to advance your abilities. Beginning a new career is made easier when you have direct access to free education courses with a few clicks of your computer mouse. One of the best aspects is the fact that you can acquire the knowledge you need a little at a time until you are ready to make the switch to a new career.

Keep in mind, however, that merely taking free online classes may not give you the certification required for certain professions. You may still be required to obtain a certificate or degree in a particular field if you are looking to make a career change. Additionally, if you are learning a new type of skill via free online classes, you will need to put those new skills into practice in order to gain the necessary experience for a job that requires those skills. Free online classes can often be a way for you to get a taste of a certain field or area of study before investing in a full degree or certification program.

How to Use Free Online Career Education Resources

  • Step One: The first step toward finding the right online education for you is to determine what area of study you wish to focus on. You will need to narrow down your search to ensure you are finding courses suitable to your academic needs. You may also search through listings by university name if you are looking to take an educational course through a specific school. However, this can prove to be lengthier than if you choose to search by topic area only.
  • Step Two: Search through available options to determine which seems like the best fit. Not every online education option is crafted the same way and you may find some more desirable than others. There are online education courses that must be completed by a specified timeline which can become difficult if you have other obligations. If you have a limited time to work with each week to learn a new skill, you might find it easier to select a program offering self-guided lessons as opposed to ones offering weekly lectures.
  • Step Three: Consider whether you would like to enroll in a free online career education course that only offers self-guided lessons or if you are interested in pursuing an option offering webcam lectures, as well. For those of you who enjoy the experience of being in a classroom, finding an education opportunity allowing you to attend virtual lectures will help to satisfy your needs. You will gain knowledge firsthand from a credited professor without having to leave the comfort of your home to do so.

How to Receive Certification Through an Online Career Education Program

Many online career education programs will offer students the option of receiving certification upon completion of a course. Oftentimes the certification itself will cost money and you will need to bear this in mind if you are working within a limited budget. Some programs may offer you a digital certification for free, although it is more common to have students pay for a certificate or diploma. Prior to beginning your coursework, you will need to spend time researching the approach taken by your specific program to ensure you are receiving a diploma or certificate should you want one. Your employer may request a copy of your certification upon completion of your course to ensure you are properly trained in your selected field. The fee for certification or awarding a diploma will vary from one program to the next. Certain institutions will provide credit for a small fee whereas others may ask upwards of $100.

After you have completed the necessary coursework and have received a passing grade for your online education program you will have the opportunity to receive a certificate or diploma recognizing your achievement. Some programs will offer you the ability to upgrade your coursework for a small fee during the duration of your class and this cost will cover the price of a certificate once the class is over. Other programs will allow you to pay the fee at the end of the course to receive proper certification via mail.

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