Job Resource Centers

Now that you have made the conscious decision to find new employment, you may be wondering which job resource center will benefit you the most. For most people, determining that they need a new job is not the hard part.

Rather, it is finding employment help that gives them trouble. Across the country, there are job resource centers that cater to students and recent graduates, as well as adults with and without disabilities. There are also specific resource centers that are designed to offer career help to veterans and service members. No matter the resource center, they are all designed to provide the same career counseling resources to all types of job seekers. Job research centers help job seekers discover their interests and skills, and they also discuss in-demand careers. No matter the status of your current employment or education, everyone deserves to be able to find a job that makes them proud. And with the help of job resource centers, you have the chance to become one of them.

Job Resource Centers for Students

One of the perks of attending a college, community college or university is the access to career resources. If you are a college student, you should take advantage of all of the job resources your school has to offer. Outside of a school setting, many of these resources would not be free of charge. But since these services are covered in your tuition, they are free to use. College resource centers can help get you in touch with companies and organizations seeking employees by listing available jobs and internships. Students can also use the resource centers for career advice and resume help. Regardless of the reason, student resource centers should be fully explored by currently enrolled students to maximize their career options.

American Job Centers

If you are seeking a new career, you may be able to find new employment through American Job Centers (AJCs). AJCs are managed by the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and are designed to provide job seeks a full-range of assistance all in one place. AJCs offer many services, such as the assessment of a job seeker’s skills, aptitude, and needs. They also offer career counseling, training referrals, and job search and job placement assistance. There are American Job Centers across the country and throughout local communities, and job seekers interested in the program can check online to find a center that is closet to them.

From there, they can visit the center in-person. Alternately, if there is not a center close to them, they can connect to a center online or through a remotely accessible kiosk. AJCs offer two different types of centers: Comprehensive centers that provide a full array of employment and training services and affiliated centers, which provide employment and training services but on a limited scale. Both types offer services to job seekers, youth and businesses on-site. However, comprehensive centers include the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) while affiliated center does not.

American Job Centers Programs for Laid-off Job Seekers

If you have recently been laid off from your job, your confidence may not be where it needs to be to start job hunting. However, you may want to check out one of the below AJC programs that cater to people who were laid off from their job to see if you qualify:

  • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a program that offers job seekers who have been laid-off retraining funding if they are eligible.
  • The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program is designed to help job seekers who have been laid off as a result of increased imports or a shift in production that has led the company they work for to move production out of the United States.
  • The Rapid Response Services program offers displaced job seekers access to a range of direct employment services that provide training opportunities and income support.

About Employment and Career Counseling for Veterans

If you are a veteran, you may qualify for employment and career counseling. Managed by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), the Education and Career Counseling program is designed to help qualifying veterans, service members, and their dependents get personalized support and counseling to help guide them on their career path. The program also helps explore career opportunities for qualifying participants, as well as how to effectively use their VA resources and benefits to achieve their education and career goals.

Another job resource center offered for veterans is the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) program. VETS is managed by U.S. Department of Labor and helps veterans, service members, and their spouses find careers with the help of the program’s resources and expertise. The program also helps protect their employment rights while also promoting and uncovering their employment opportunities.

About Employment and Career Counseling for Veterans with Disabilities

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program, which is managed by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), is a program that helps to transition service members and veterans with service-related disabilities or employment handicaps back into the workforce. The program also helps qualifying veterans prepare for employment, as well as find and maintain meaningful jobs. Services that the program provides include short and long-term training, employment assistance and on-site training. It also helps veterans purchase the necessary supplies and equipment need to succeed in the workplace.

Learn About the Ticket to Work Program

If you have a disability but are not a service member or veteran, you may qualify for the Social Security’ Ticket to Work program. The program is designed to support career resources and development for Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities who are aged 18 to 64. The program is free to job seekers and helps people with disabilities move towards a financially independent future. The Ticket to Work program offers career development services that can connect you to free support services and service providers that can best help you. Through the Ticket to Work program, participants will explore employment options, receive vocational rehabilitation services and also gain work experience that will prepare them for the working world.

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