Learn to Access Your Funds Days Sooner With Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient option for many benefit recipients who are looking to increase the speed and ease of accessing benefits or regular wages.

Direct deposit is easy to set up and can help you manage your finances much more effectively. Additionally, you are able to budget more effectively because you know when to expect your payment. Having security in your finances is vital to economic health. It can also protect you from fraud.

Direct Deposit Benefits

Enrolling in direct deposit can have a variety of benefits for your financial stability. If you have a current bank account, your bank may provide you with an incentive to set up direct deposit. Some banks will provide you will monthly reward options for maintaining direct deposits each month. This can include money back for shopping at your favorite stores or a general appreciation rewards such as coupons for products you use, among other benefits.

Additional Direct Deposit Benefits

Other benefits for establishing direct deposit from your bank may include a reduction or elimination of your monthly banking fees. A maintenance fee is a charge a bank will prescribe to your account for processing costs. You can have this fee waved at many institutions by establishing direct deposit. You may also have other fees associated with your account, such as minimum balance fees. Your bank may decide to eliminate this fee with direct deposit.

Government Benefits and Direct Deposit

If you are currently receiving unemployment, you can establish direct deposit for your account to receive your bi-weekly or monthly benefits. If you are receiving Social Security or veteran benefits, you can also establish direct deposit for these benefits. Establishing direct deposit for unemployment can help you reduce the wait time associated with your benefits. You will be able to easily track your benefits in case a discrepancy arises in the future, such as an underpayment or overpayment. Your unemployment or other benefit agency may help you in establishing your direct deposit for benefits. If you do not have an account that supports direct deposit, there are alternatives you can use get your funds directly to a card or account. You can establish a prepaid card, similar to the electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card used for food stamps benefits. This card will allow you to receive funds without having to establish an account with a bank.

Environmental Benefits of Direct Deposit

Getting direct deposit is a great way to positively affect the environment and reduce some of the negative consequences of waste and CO2 emissions. You can reduce waste by eliminating paper statements with direct deposit and online banking. Additionally, direct deposit can help reduce the pollution caused by motor vehicles. When you receive a paper check, you have to visit a bank in person to process the check. This involves travel time during often during high traffic hours. In traffic-dense areas, the level of toxic fumes released into air is higher. You can reduce the time you spend driving to and from the bank by choosing direct deposit for your wages and benefits.

Save Money with Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is an excellent tool to help you increase your accountability when it comes to spending. When your money is deposited into your account, it is more difficult to spend it as soon as you get it. Additionally, you can split your earnings between a savings and checking account to begin to build an emergency fund. Online banking is another way you can use your direct deposit to regulate your spending. You can see every charge and withdrawal you make online if you use your checking account to pay bills and for other forms of spending. Having your funds on a debit card can help reduce impulse spending, and direct deposit is the first step in avoiding having cash on hand leading to overspending.

Pay Bills Quicker

Direct deposit can help make paying bills much easier. You can set up your bill pay to be automatically withdrawn after your funds are deposited into your account. You can avoid late payment fees and missed payments that can damage your credit by having your bills deducted automatically. Getting direct deposit is an easy way to establish a financial system that can reduce the stress of budgeting. When establishing a budget, use your direct deposit amount to help structure your monthly spending. If you know you will only be paid once a month, you can structure your budget to establish monthly limits to categories of spending such as entertainment, transportation, food and savings.

How to Establish Direct Deposit

Setting up direct deposit is simple and will not take a significant amount of time. You can visit your bank if you need assistance establishing direct deposit for your account. Your employer or benefit provider can help you establish direct deposit as well. You will need your account number and routing number. You may also need a voided check or an official letter from your bank. Once you provide your account information, you will receive confirmation that your direct deposit was established. It may take a few weeks for it to be processed. Additionally, you may receive a paper check to confirm your account information. You cannot set up direct deposit for anyone, else as this can lead to security breaches.

Additional Information

If you are interested in establishing a new account, there are additional benefits of establishing direct deposit for a new account. Some institutions will give you cash for establishing a new account and adding a direct deposit within the first two weeks of opening the account. You should maintain your direct deposit to continue receiving the benefits of direct deposit such as low or no maintenance fees. Security is also increased when you use direct deposit. You can avoid potential breaches of your security that can come when mailing forms or receiving paper statements.

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