Can Additional Training or Certification Help You Advance in Your Career?

When you are trying to gain advancement in your career field, taking training courses can provide you with a competitive advantage over others who are vying for the same position.

Whether you choose you receive in-house training or you pursue certification through a local college, taking these steps will help you on your road to career advancement. The first step toward determining what training path is right for you is to speak with your boss about what he or she is looking for in a candidate for your desired position.

Regardless of the field you work in, many companies will offer free training to current employees as this will allow the company to hire internally. Explore each of your training and certification options before choosing the path that will work best for you and your career goals. You can select from in-person courses or online courses, depending upon your schedule.

How to Find Online Certification Programs

One of the easiest ways to advance your career is to enroll in an online certification program. You will be able to find numerous options through local colleges as well as through internet-based universities. The options for online certification programs encompass a variety of career fields, so you can find a course relevant to your existing employment. There are a few internet-based companies offering free or reduced priced courses as well for individuals who want to take one or two courses at a time instead of completing a full curriculum.

  • OpenCulture.
  • Udemy.
  • Coursera.

Prior to enrolling in a program, spend time determining what level of certification you need and what type of certification you desire. If you currently work as a graphic designer, but you want to enhance your skills to gain a senior position, you may want to enroll in an advanced Adobe course to accomplish this goal. While you may have an advantage as an internal candidate, you still need to possess relevant skills to be considered for a promotion within your company. Spend time reading through the job requirements for the role you are interested in and then take online courses relevant to these requirements.

Receiving your certification through an online program is beneficial as it allows you to complete the coursework at a convenient time for you. Unlike in-person programs where you are required to be in class at a specific time, online courses are self-guided and will provide you a window for when you will need to submit your work. This means you can work during the free time you have within your existing schedule. If you have an hour for your lunch break, complete some of your coursework during this time and then finish your assignments once you return home in the evening. By structuring your schedule this way, you are remaining committed to your job assignments and maintaining free time within your schedule on the weekends as well.

How to Pursue In-House Training

Pursuing a training program can help you achieve your career goals as it will provide you with additional skills that can assist you in completing tasks for your job more efficiently. If you are interested in advancing your career within the company you work for currently, speak with your boss about potential ways you can make this an attainable goal. Oftentimes, companies will offer existing employees the opportunity to take in-house training programs to receive the skills needed to advance within the corporation. Employers would prefer to spend time training a reliable current employee than spending the same amount of time trying to find a new prospect to hire.

Your company will likely offer a variety of courses for you to take to receive the training necessary to apply for a promotion. These formal training sessions can help you gain basic skills, such as:

  • Public speaking.
  • Organization.
  • Management techniques.
  • Time Management.

Regardless of your current position within a company, you will more than likely be eligible to receive some level of in-house training upon request. While your employer may not offer training onsite, he or she may be able to redirect you to online courses that can be paid for by the company. Once you have expressed your desire to grow within your current company, your boss can assist you in finding in-house training opportunities to provide you with this prospect.

Benefits of Taking a Training or Certification Course

You may find the idea of taking a training or certification course overwhelming, as these can often be time consuming tasks in an already full schedule. However, the benefits of taking a training or certification course are vast as they often lead to career advancement opportunities that would not exist otherwise. While some employers may consider under qualified candidates for a role, more often these employers will choose a qualified candidate over someone who has worked for them for several years. The company you work for wants to ensure its employees can handle the responsibilities assigned to them, and your boss may not feel confident selecting you for a senior level position if you appear underqualified. By pursuing a training course or a relevant certificate, you are proving to your superiors you are eligible for a better position within the company.

In addition to becoming eligible for career advancement opportunities, receiving additional training and job certifications can help you earn more money. Senior positions pay more than lower-level positions and you may receive additional compensation for your advanced skillset. The higher you rise within the company, the more likely you are to receive a higher salary and better benefits.

If you choose to look for a new employer after obtaining your certification, you will have better job prospects. Advancing your career can happen across companies and pursuing a new employer may provide you with better opportunities than attempting to advance within your current company. Receiving a certificate in your desired field will help you to remain competitive in the job market should you choose to leave your existing position to find superior openings.

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